Be a Motivational Speaker and Gain a Career

Articulation is a skill but eloquence is a gift. It’s easy for people to study and master languages but only a few can communicate properly. Communicating is a process that involves the efficient relaying of information to gain the appropriate response from the receiver. Similarly, motivational speaking is the art of using speech to persuade mentalities and solicit change.

Being a motivational speaker requires the ability to speak in public with vigor and confidence. There are various types of public speakers so choose from our list below:

Personality Development

Personality Development speakers are those that specialize in improving self-esteem through positive reinforcement. The speaker often uses psychological methods and concepts to drive his points. This speaker banks on letting find their life purpose in order to encourage a change or action.

Business Guru

Business speakers focus on enhancing the “go getter” attitude of the business people. He relates his story of success in order to convince people that a mere change of mindset could trigger good fortune. Increase in profit and sales are only a few of the goals that this guru emphasizes.

Motivational Speaker

Youth Coach

A youth speaker is a person who aims to ensure that children will lead a healthy lifestyle. Most of the time, these speakers have also experienced difficult situations during their childhood that’s why they wish to empower them. |A youth motivational speakeris normally the same age to gain a sense of friendship from the audience. The speaker emphasizes studying well, good morals and social responsibility and guides his listeners to achieving realizations. They also usually become counselors frequenting churches, schools, playgrounds and other areas where children stay. These people are often responsible for empowering child victims, abandoned or orphaned youth or street children to lead better and fruitful lives.

Community Motivational Speaker

Inspirational speakers in communities often target places where poverty is common and often times they initiate community projects to enrich the lives of their audiences. They provide empowerment to communities and persuade them to be self-sufficient.

Motivational Speakers

If you plan on pursuing inspirational speaking as a career, consider the following:

  • Choose a specialty and focus on enhancing your skills
    While you might consider becoming a jack of all trades, you should know that business owners tend to search for speakers according to specialization. In other words, it’s more likely that you’ll be given an invitation if you work on establishing your brand in a particular field. Besides, by having a specialization, you’ll have less trouble coming up with an appropriate talk.
  • Choose a target audience and study them
    There’s nothing more embarrassing than failing to connect with your audience. That’s why you’ll have to ask the one who hired you about the characteristics of those who will be attending the event. Consider their needs and preferences, as well as their unique language. By becoming more relatable to the crowd, you increase your chances of connecting with them from start to finish.
  • Learn power words
    It’s not enough to broaden your vocabulary. You need to specifically learn about words that make a crowd eager about taking action. Finding power words isn’t difficult at all – you may simply view pep talks online or read inspiring books. Eventually, you’ll get to stumble upon a few on your own.
  • Learn appropriate gestures and language for public speaking
    Getting a point across or motivating the crowd isn’t as easy as standing in front and speaking. It’s also about non-verbal communication. You’ll have to make sure that your actions on stage don’t contradict the points you’re trying to make. For example, if you’re talking about acceptance, you probably shouldn’t cross your arms.
  • Learn to communicate with feelings and be empathetic
    If you’re trying to tackle a concern in a company or organization, you need to be extra sensitive towards the needs of the audience. That way, you’ll manage to find the answers to their questions and you won’t come off as someone who’s just forcibly trying to connect his own experiences with those of the crowd.
  • Learn how to speak with authority but also with kindness
    While being sensitive towards your audience’s needs and experiences is important, you shouldn’t forget that you have to make it clear that you’re an authority – and it’s why you’ve been tasked to speak in front of them. Becoming too friendly could prove to be problematic as the crowd might not take you seriously.

Becoming a motivational speaker isn’t among the easiest of endeavors. However, as long as you continue to improve yourself, you’ll eventually attain the success and recognition you deserve.

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